Saturday, 24 January 2009

The pleasures of freesat HD

Since freesat launched back in june 2008, with its   free HD content its become quite a hit with people.

All along their  new TVs with the HD ready logo as been waiting expectantly in the corner of the living room,their  owners not impressed by sky asking for another tenner  a month, for the privelage of recieving their  HD service.

Bang, then  the BBC and ITV  came up with free HD  and its the must have service,so much so that there is currently a shortage of freesat boxes which includes the nice new humax PVR,much to the annoyance of sky.

Initially Freesat were not to keen on pointing out that freesat HD could be recieved through an existing sky dish, in otherwords ditch sky and plug in a freesat  unit instead, judging by the number of customers I have had doing the dump sky bit Mr murdoch is going to be quite upset.

If you don't like more boxes lurking under neath your telly, panasonic are the first to bring out televisions with freesat HD built  in,very nice indeed, I would'nt mind one myself.

Panasonic HD televisions