Friday, 23 January 2009

Mrs ramsbottoms rubbish picture.

the roof

Mrs ramsbottom called me last week to tell me of her" silly picture" and how it keeps going off when shes watching her favourite programmes.
After a long conversation I arranged to go round this morning and take a look see.The house was up a very long drive, with a bewildering no of doors on which I could have knocked on,hmm big house with a lot of Aerial  problems  lurking inside.
All the tellies were nice and new with freeview  built in,all being fed with a poor signal,giving    mrs ramsbottoms coronation street  a complex edit with bursts of say up to 2 minutes with just a black screen.
For me  all of coronation street with a blank screen would be ideal,but we are all entitled to watch what we want.
The roof resembled a Tv aerial farm,that had some very good breeding stock easily upward of ten lurked on several chimneys,trying to trace all  those cables back was easily going to take forever,and the Aerials all looked ancient and beyond repair, different strategy needed, one aerial feeding each room through an amplifier far easier.
Monday morning will see battle commence.