Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tv s and a social life

The humble freeview TV aerial,sitting there doing its job,un thanked and unloved,year in year out.
Its home the rooftop, is a tough old place. Subject to all the weather, wind, rain, snow, ice storms delivering that vital signal to your TV screens. The news, top gear, the world cup, all end of soap operas it delivers them all.
In its rooftop lair your humble Aerial is slowly deteriorating,seals are breaking down, its brackets are being eaten away by rust, weakened further by occasional gale force winds.
How long will an Aerial withstand all these forces being thrown at it? 5 years,10 years.
The biggest factor is the quality of the parts used, when it was attached to the chimney. Flimsy brackets,non galvanized brackets will succumb in 5 years or less.
On the other hand high quality parts have been known to last up to 30 years, and some 30 year old Aerials are still in use delivering crisp signals, without flapping around in the breeze, or threatening to end up embedded in the roof of your new car.
The risk of getting injured from an Aerial falling off a roof is slight, but it has happened and even killed people,when high winds have pushed failing components past their limit, turning that benign array of rooftop metal into a lethal flying object.
In the days of analogue television when digital existed only in engineers heads, snowy pictures could be watched quite happily. Even an Aerial hanging for dear life, entirely by its co -ax lead pointing skyward could, deliver a snowy picture, watched quite happily below by the resident huddled up on the sofa below.
Digital is not so forgiving in its signal needs. Snowy analogue pictures lead to digital pictures breaking up, or not appearing at all,no longer can that flapping aerial be left or put up with, banging on the chimney or wall on a windy night, disturbing your sleep.
Many will take delivery of a nice new digital television and blindly plug it to the Aerial socket with no knowledge of digital sensitivity.
Only when the wobbly Aerial on the Roof finally forces its way into their thoughts, after teeth grating television watching, accompanied by picture,cracks on audio and total loss of soap operas takes its toll on the viewer, do they finally look at the Aerial with severe eyes and stop blaming the £500 Television.
Sometimes a variety of amplifiers are bought by the the new TV owner, in a vain attempt to remedy the problem, and to calm down his wife, who is by now suffering from stress, not knowing,who is trying to kill whom in the world of EastEnders, or who be might up for winning the yet another talent competition,and the renting of DVDs will only plug the gap for so long. for more information

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